Getting Started 👋

Thanks for joining Datablist beta program! We are thrilled to have you onboard! 🤩
Feel free to play around and if you want to send us your feedback, contact us on

Blazing fast and keyboard friendly

This is for all the keyboard shortcut addicts:

  • Cmd + k
    Search and jump to a collection
  • C
    In a collection, press 'C' to create a new item
  • Space
    On a cell, press 'Space' to open the item detail
  • Escape
    On an open drawer or modal, press escape to close it

For data table manipulation:

  • Shift + ↓/↑
    Select items
  • Cmd + k
    If you have selected items, Cmd + k to search and select an action
  • Ctrl/Cmd(Mac)/Meta(Window) + ↓/↑/→/←
    To move to end of table

Remember the basics

Press Enter on a cell to edit its content
Click and drag to select multiple items
Ctrl+k to move between collections
Ctrl+f to search inside a collection

Quick Demos

Using the Data Table
Run an action on items

Current limitations

We have focused our development effort on the data management first, before digging into automation and integration.

Here are acknowledged limitations:

  • Clipboard pasting external data is not possible
  • Clipboard Copy on cell (not in edit mode) is not possible
  • Automation is not available
  • Few collection templates have default properties

Debug: Go to onboarding