Getting Started

Welcome to Datablist 🚀

Blazing fast and keyboard friendly

This is for all the keyboard shortcut addicts. You can use Datablist with your keyboard.

  • Cmd + k: Search and jump to a collection
  • C: In a collection, press "C" to create a new item
  • Space: On a cell, press "Space" to open the item detail
  • Escpae: On an open drawer or modal, press escape to close it

For table manipulation

  • Shift + ↓/↑: Select items
  • Cmd + k: If you have selected items, Cmd + k to search and select an action
  • Ctrl/Cmd(Mac)/Meta(Window) + ↓/↑/→/←: To move to end of table

Current limitations

  • Clipboard Pasting items, external data is not possible
  • Clipboard Copy on cell (not in edit mode) is not possible
  • Automation is not possible
  • Only People (with Contact) data type is available with properties
  • Collection reorder with drag and drop is not saved
  • Filtering other that search is not available